Guaranteed Formula for Effective Business Writing

Communication is very much a part of business, both verbal and written. Poor communication with colleagues or clients can be costly. Thus, an organization in which all employees are adept at making their meaning clear is an organization that can eliminate waste and hasten results: this can translate into a healthy bottom line. 
One of the fastest ways to distinguish yourself in the workplace is through effective writing. As Professor, Author, and Management Consultant Dr. Peter F. Drucker has noted:  “As soon as you move one step from the bottom, your effectiveness depends on your ability to reach others through
the spoken or written word.”
In this course, you have an opportunity to practice your business writing skills through dozens of writing assignments – adapted to your particular needs and goals!
Here are some topics you will cover: 

  • Good business writing style defined
  • Useful phrases for business writing 
  • The Plain Style
  • Reader analysis
  • Formal versus Informal writing
  • Point form outline
  • Letters / Emails / Memos 
  • Organizing frameworks: 

     IBC (Introduction, Body, & Conclusion)
     IDAC (Introduction, Details, Action, Closing)
     GIDAC (Greetings, Introduction, Details, Action, & Closing)
     PPF (Past, Present, Future)
     The Two-handed Mouth

  • Incident reports
  • Progress reports
  • Travel reports
  • Briefing notes
  • Proposals


Submit 16 assignments for detailed review and feedback

Fee: ¥80,000 ¥59,800