Guaranteed Formula for Effective Medical Writing

Medical writing is critical because it is one area where a misunderstanding can be so costly, either in financial terms or in human terms – people’s health. Medical writing covers a broad field and may include writing for approval from a government regulator, explaining a disease, providing information about drugs, or sharing information about a company’s products for the benefit of doctors, organizations, or the consumer.

The first rule of medical writing, therefore, has to be clarity; a medical writer makes sure that he or she understands the subject, and then strives to be as clear as possible to the reader.

If someone has to read your writing two or three times before understanding it, then, maybe you have not tried hard enough to be clear.

A bureaucrat who cannot understand your company’s research will not be in a rush to approve your company’s application for a patent or drug approval.

In this course, you will learn general principles of good writing and have the chance to do assignments in your field of interest. The course is adaptable to your particular needs and goals.

Topics covered include:

  • Medical concepts and terminology
  • Commonly confused medical terms
  • Types of medical writing
  • Tailoring your language
  • Style guides: CSE, AMA, APA, Harvard Referencing
  • Use of primary and secondary sources
  • Proposals
  • Reports
  • Articles
  • Product description
  • Cause and Effect
  • Comparison and Contrast
  • FDA/EU/Japan: Regulations/Forms, etc.



Submit 12 assignments for detailed review and feedback

Fee: ¥80,000 ¥59,800